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Perfect for NGO┬┤s that need an online presence in places with slow internet
  • Modern websites that secure your position on the internet.
  • Websites that look amazing on all devices.
  • With a website from you are ready for the future.

We are different

  • We are honest and kind, and our goal is for you to have a good experience.
  • We are always at the forefront of the technological development of the Internet.
  • With our advanced techniques, we keep costs down and pass the savings on to our customers.
  • SEO that is at the forefront of development.
  • We ensure that your search engine rating is always optimal.

Our brand:

Advanced website design and top-notch SEO

  • Lightning fast websites whose content adapts to the screen size of different devices.
  • Database integration.
  • Google Sheets integration.
  • Memberships sytems.
  • Booking systems.
  • Web store solutions - also with automatic payment systems. We can integrate your current webshop into your new website.
  • Questionnaires, consumer surveys etc.
  • Complete marketing research and launching of your online presence.
  • SEO and SEO maintenance.
  • We can do so much more, ask for special techniques, effects or content. We can do that too.

We know what you need

We understand the need for a professional website

Even the most creative website design makes no sense if you do not get a popular website. We make sure that not only do your website look good, but also whether it works well and how well it can help achieve your goals. The search engines are constantly changing the way they rate websites. We are at the forefront of that development and our search engine optimization is always 100% accurate.

We are specialists

We are specialists in responsive web design. Websites that adapt to any browser size, smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop.

We design websites for freelancers and small to medium sized organizations and companies. We provide design and programming of your website, web store integration and CMS (Content Management System) systems. Thorough search engine optimization is included in the price!

Working prototypes for large organizations and companies. We offer to make a fully functional prototype that works on all devices. Save a lot of money by letting us make a prototype before launching major programming work.

Technologically advanced modern websites builds websites from scratch. No heavy template-based services like Wordpress with us. However, we can integrate an existing Wordpress page into your new website.

We use the latest technologies to create websites, resulting in the world's fastest websites. Your users will enjoy the speed. This is done, among other things, by loading content of different resolution as needed, depending on the device that reads the website. Liquid animations and transitions are much faster with hardware acceleration. Our websites are optimized to harness all the raw power of the device in question.

We are giving you new opportunities

We can help you explore new opportunities to grow and improve your business through a thoroughly innovative, interactive web experience, on any device and with all the new digital medias. We know what is trending, and we go about designing unique, original websites and mobile solutions that give our customers good results. We have the dedication and experience to make a website both you and we can be proud of. If you need a logo and printed material, we can help with that too.

Redesign of existing website

Maybe you already have a website that was first class when it was made. Today it may not live up to current web standards and it no longer meet its purpose; traffic is reduced and your customers end up with your competitors. Then it's time to think about a complete redesign of your website. Our expertise can determine if your website needs a redesign, and if it does, we will quickly find out how we can create the best website for you.

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